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About The Artist

Welcome to the place where art meets science! My name is Jordyn Schwartz, and I just graduated Dickinson College with a B.S. in Neuroscience.
I strive to have my artwork show the beauty of life, teach some cool science, and inspire people to dig deeper into the world. Dopamine Power is all about art that means more than what originally meets the eye. Take a look around and let the dopamine production commence!

Home: About
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Dopamine is a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) most commonly known as the "feel-good" chemical that gives pleasure and feelings of reward. Dopamine has many roles in how nerve cells communicate, and it affects mood, motivation, focus, movement, learning, and more!

REAL DOPAMINE NEURONS-  Image courtesy of Caitlin M. Vander-Weele Tye Lab, MIT

Home: Welcome


Thank you so much for visiting my website! If you are interested in purchasing an item that is featured, please send me a text or email!

Also, check out my instagram: @DopaminePower


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