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Microscope Slide Jewelry

Made With Real Images of Dopamine Neurons and Microscope Slides! 

Online purchasing coming soon! If interested in purchasing your very own microscope slide jewelry, please contact me at 267-800-4427 or DM me on my instagram and we'll get started! @Dopaminepower

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After receiving my B.S. in Neuroscience and working in a neuroscience research lab, I wanted to show the world the beautiful and incredible nature of the microscopic world! Not only are the structures of the brain intricate, but they are also beautiful and meant to be seen by everyone, not just scientists!

My research mentor's friend took these photos of dopamine neurons at her lab using an electron microscope:

Dopamine Neuron Images Courtesy of 

Caitlin M. Vander-Weele 

Tye Lab, MIT.

While taking a stained glass class near my town, I had the idea to combine my passions for art and science and use microscope slides as the glass for my jewelry!

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All triangle and diamond shaped microscope necklaces are sold out! New pieces are coming soon! 

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Science Jewelry and More: Pro Gallery

Image Designs-
You Pick!

Each piece comes with a motivational card, which makes each piece especially meaningful to its wearer. Not only this, but the card gets nerdy when you open it up because the neuroscience is explained!

Know Your Strength 1_4.JPG
Embrace Your Vibrancy 1_4.JPG
Just Be 1_4.JPG
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All microscope slide jewelry comes with a super cool neuron bag, a motivational science card, and a whole lot of good energy thanks to the power of dopamine!

Science Jewelry and More: About
Science Jewelry and More: Pro Gallery
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