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Image by Milad Fakurian

Learn Some More Science!

Here's some neuroscience links if you want to learn more! I will be adding many more resources, such as interesting psychology information, mental health strategies I have used and learned from therapy and college, and even my simplified neuroscience notes and drawings!

Curious About The Mind?: Files

What is a neuron

In this short article, learn about our brain cells! If you click the "axon" section, you will learn how axons are many times smaller than a human hair, and you can discover more information!

Types of neurons and shapes

This short article describes a simple overview of neurons and their types and gives a basic overview of how neurons have different shapes! You can adjust the "level of explanation" on the website.

Basic overview of dopamine

This article goes over some main functions of dopamine and why it is important.

Interesting Peer-Reviewed Articles

Dopamine Controlling Fear Learning and Anxiety

Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience

Types of Dopamine Receptors

Curious About The Mind?: Files
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